The Unsolved Murder Of Dorothy Jane Scott

Dorothy Jane Scott


Dorothy Jane Scott was a 34-year-old single mother to her son, Shawn. He was just four years old when the incident took place, On May 28th 1980. Dorothy lived in Stanton, California, with her son and Aunt. Dorothy had been working as a secretary in Swingers psych shop, In Anaheim, California. Dorothy's parents Vera and Jacob, who lived in Anaheim had babysit their grandson while she worked. Dorothy Jane was described as a devoted mother, who rarely went out on a date as she prefered to stay at home with her son. Friends and co-workers of Dorothy have said she was a devout Christian, and did not drink or do drugs.

Old Telephone

The Mystery Caller

For a number of months Dorothy had received numerous calls to her work, from an anonymous male caller. These calls were a mix of the man expressing his love for Dorothy to threatening her of vile acts. It's claimed one on one occasion the caller threatened Dorothy, he would kill her and chop her into pieces so no body would find her. The mystery caller also told Dorothy that he knew everything about her daily routine, He even went on to explain what she had done though out the day.  Scott's mother recounted, "One day he called and said to go outside because he had something for her. She went out and there was a single dead red rose on the windshield of her car."

Dorothy became concerned, She began taking up karate lessons. She even considered buying a hand gun. Unfortunately, neither would save her.


djs car

The same Toyota corolla station wagon, Dorothy owned.


The day Dorothy disappeared

On may 28th 1980, Dorothy had a work meeting at 9pm. While she was there she had noticed her co-worker Conrad Bostron had a red mark on his hand and appeared to be not well. Dorothy persuaded him to let her take him to the ER. Another co-worker Pam Head had also decided to go with them. Dorothy and Pam had sat in the waiting room and read magazines and talked while they waited for Conrad to get treatment. Pam stated that at no time did Dorothy leave her side. Conrad was discharged from the hospital at around 11pm, and was given a prescription. Dorothy had offered to bring the car around to the front, because she did not want Conrad to walk to far in his condition as he was still not feeling too well. Pam said Dorothy had briefly used the rest room before heading to the parking lot.

Conrad and Pam had filled the prescription and waited at the exit door for Dorothy; When they did not see her after a few minutes of waiting, they decided to walk to the E.R.'s parking lot. They suddenly seen Dorothy's car speeding towards them; its headlights blinded them, so they could not see who was behind the wheel. They waved there hands in an attempt to get Dorothys attention, but the car sped up and took a sharp right hand turn out of the parking lot. Both Pam and Conrad were left puzzled as it was very uncharacteristic of Dorothy but presumed she may have had an emergency of her own. However after a few hours of not hearing from her they reported her missing to the police.

At around 4.30am on May 29th Dorothy's car was found burning in an alley 10 miles (16km) from the hospital. Neither she nor her supposed kidnapper were anywhere nearby.

Dorothy's family were advised by police to stay quiet in regards to the media about her disappearance.

The Crazed Caller 

A week after Dorothy went missing, Her mother Vera received a phone call from a man. During the phone call the anonymous man asked her ''Are you related to Dorothy?'' When Vera replied ''Yes'', She was told ''I've got her'' and ended the call. These taunting calls went on for weeks. The same caller would ''tease'' Dorothy's family about ''having'' her.

The crazed caller even called a radio station and confessed to murdering Dorothy. He told them '' I killed her. I killed Dorothy Scott, She was my love. I caught her cheating with another man. She denied having someone else. I killed her.''

He continued releasing details that hadn't been given to the press, he gave details such as the red scarf Dorothy had worn the night of her disappearance. He also knew of the spider bite Conrad had been treated for.



Investigators believe the anonymous caller was responsible for Scott's death.




The discovery of Dorothy Jane Scott 

On August 6th almost four months after Dorothy Jane Scott initially went missing, a construction worker found both dog and human remains in a brush. There was a turquoise ring and a watch that had stopped on May 29th 1980 at 12.30am.

Dorothy's mother Vera, had identified the ring to belong to Dorothy.

A week after the remains were positively identified by dental records  positively as Dorothy Jane Scotts. An autopsy was unable to detrmin the cause of death. An announcement was in the local news paper.

A memorial service was held on August 22nd for Dorothy.


The anonymous calls continued

Dorothy's family received two more calls asking ''Is Dorothy home'' In a knowing voice.

In 1984, After four years of anonymous calls they eventually stopped.

Police installed a voice recorder at the Scott residence. They were not able to trace the calls, however, because the man never stayed on the line long enough. 

Dorothy Janes killer was never identified.



Around this time there weren't many laws on stalking. The police only had power to anything, if the culprit had attacked the victim.





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